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Re: Some fonts rendered incorrectly since upgrade to Qt 5.9.1

> What Qt 5.9 does is setting the freetype property cff:no-stem-darkening to 0,
> where it normally defaults to 1. You can try adding "cff:no-stem-darkening=1"
> to FREETYPE_PROPERTIES, but I am no sure the environment variable will win.

cff:no-stem-darkening=1 makes no difference in Qt programs.

> if that does nothing, you could debug the issue for me by instead adding "cff:no-
> stem-darkening=0" to FREETYPE_PROPERTIES and see if that makes non-Qt
> application exhibit the same rendering issue.

No. No changes. GTK programs render all fonts just right with this
setting set to 0.

In summary, I notice no changes setting this variable neither to 0 or
1. Neither in GTK or Qt programs.

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