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Re: Some fonts rendered incorrectly since upgrade to Qt 5.9.1

> Which is why I asked if you had upgraded that recently.

Thank for your comments Allan

I noticed the problem in the very first boot with Qt 5.9.1, as soon as
I opened Dolphin. I don't know if freetype was also upgraded or not at
that moment. I remember an upgrade to libfreetype6 some weeks ago that
also broke my font rendering. I solved it adding
FREETYPE_PROPERTIES="truetype:interpreter-version=35" as commented in
this bug report:


It worked nice and fonts were rendered again as they should be but
with Qt 5.9.1 I noticed those particular texts in Qt programs (which
seems have bold property enabled) are rendered in a bad form.
Everything else in Qt programs is rendered as expected. GTK programs
are not affected at all.

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