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Re: Some fonts rendered incorrectly since upgrade to Qt 5.9.1

Hello Miquel.

Miguel A. Vallejo - 28.08.17, 15:52:
> Since the last upgrade in Sid to Qt 5.9.1 I have noticed some fonts
> rendered incorrectly in Qt applications, like Dolphin, VLC and some other
> ones.
> The rendered font seems to be some bolded text, but it is rendered broken,
> see attached image.
> Any ideas?

Did you review this change:

> apt-listchanges: News
> ----------------------------
> fontconfig (2.12.3-0.2) unstable; urgency=medium
>   Starting with version 2.12, fontconfig is using "Slight" (hintslight) as
>   automatic hinting style. This might change the rendering of the fonts.
>   If you want the to restore the old hinting, run "dpkg-reconfigure
>   fontconfig-config" and select "Full" as hinting style.
>  -- Laurent Bigonville <[…]>  Tue, 04 Jul 2017 21:10:57 +0200

I just stumbled upon it during upgrading another machine that I do not update 

But well, it was *before* the upgrade to Qt 5.9.1. Still maybe this is related 


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