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Re: jessie upgrade deemed very difficult + there is no simple way not to install konqueror

On Monday, June 19, 2017 11:24:59 PM PDT inkbottle wrote:
> task-kde-desktop depends on kde-standard
> which depends on plasma-desktop
> which depends on kde-baseapps
> which depends on konqueror
> which depends on tons of difficult to understand seemingly outdated
> dependencies.
> The upgrade is very difficult
> In fact I give up the upgrade altogether.
> I'll have to come to it through another angle:
> There are tons of packages which I deem old and unnecessary, and I find no
> simple way not to install them.
> And there is no simple way not to install konqueror.
> Chris
> PS: Also aptitude put all automatically installed packages to satisfy
> dependencies in manually installed: hundreds of them.
> It is a very difficult upgrade.
If you download the meta-package source for kde-baseapps, you could remove the 
konqueror dependency from the control file, bump the version number, and repack 
it. I know this isn't ideal, but if you are willing to invest time in the 
task, it is doable.
Good luck,

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