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Re: jessie upgrade deemed very difficult + there is no simple way not to install konqueror

On Monday, June 19, 2017 11:30:31 PM CEST you wrote:
> inkbottle ha scritto:
> > task-kde-desktop depends on kde-standard
> > which depends on plasma-desktop
> > which depends on kde-baseapps
> > which depends on konqueror
> > which depends on tons of difficult to understand seemingly outdated
> > dependencies.
> > 
> > The upgrade is very difficult
> > 
> > In fact I give up the upgrade altogether.
> > I'll have to come to it through another angle:
> > There are tons of packages which I deem old and unnecessary, and I find no
> > simple way not to install them.
> > 
> > And there is no simple way not to install konqueror.
> So to summarize: the upgrade itself is not complicated; it is complicated
> only because you don't want konqueror.
> Can you please try at least to complete it, and list which "tons of
> packages" are old and unnecessary? Konqueror in Stretch is not so different
> from Konqueror in Jessie from the point of view of dependencies, so you
> should have those dependencies already.

Well, first thing I had *all* the automatically installed packages marked as 
manually installed by aptitude, so I had to press "M" on more than 100 entries 
(perhaps a lot more): it is unrelated but it was not a good start.

For the rest you are probably right.

However the dependencies are quite maximal, everything is "depend", where in 
many places a "recommended" would have been enough, IMO.
So there is no flexibility: either you install everything, or you have to 
select everything manually.

Also it is not my computer: I, myself, follow sid... Hence I've seen all the 
changes that have been done those last months... And though it is not rocket 
science (to the point i can be just plain mistaken); but when I've done the 
upgrade, many times version numbers where "looking wrong".

I am, at the moment, trying to complete the upgrade, and that without going 
into all the details.

I'll keep you informed.

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