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Re: jessie upgrade deemed very difficult + there is no simple way not to install konqueror

inkbottle ha scritto:
> task-kde-desktop depends on kde-standard
> which depends on plasma-desktop
> which depends on kde-baseapps
> which depends on konqueror
> which depends on tons of difficult to understand seemingly outdated 
> dependencies.
> The upgrade is very difficult
> In fact I give up the upgrade altogether.
> I'll have to come to it through another angle:
> There are tons of packages which I deem old and unnecessary, and I find no 
> simple way not to install them.
> And there is no simple way not to install konqueror.

So to summarize: the upgrade itself is not complicated; it is complicated only
because you don't want konqueror.

Can you please try at least to complete it, and list which "tons of packages"
are old and unnecessary? Konqueror in Stretch is not so different from
Konqueror in Jessie from the point of view of dependencies, so you should have
those dependencies already.


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