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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On Tue, 18 Apr 2017 13:39:35 -0700
Shawn Sörbom <shawn@sorbom.com> wrote:

> On Saturday, April 15, 2017 11:19:22 PM PDT Nick wrote:
> > JFTR, one alternative to Kmail might be 'Trojita' [1]
> > - I haven't (yet) tried it, and it's not a KDE program, 
> > but it _is_ part of the KDE family, professionally 
> > developed, looks nice, well-liked and is pure-Qt
> > so it fits well into a KDE environment.
> > The only "downside" is that it's IMAP-only.
> > 
> > [1] http://trojita.flaska.net/
> Subjectively, it feels fast, which I like.

Great :) ... I've also read other folks comments to that effect ...
> However, I noticed that it does not appear to have 
> threading support, which I use a lot for mailing lists.

Um ... me too, but maybe you mean something different from the simple
ability to show the component emails of a conversation in a branching
structure that keeps replies grouped with the messages they replied to
and which reflects the chronological sequence of the discussion ?

Otherwise, the first screenshot at
http://trojita.flaska.net/screenshots.html appears to show
properly threaded messages ...

> Lack of POP3 support is also an issue for anybody who 
> prefers reading local copies of their mail.

Agreed.  Most ISPs limit how much email you can leave on their
mailservers, and how long it can stay there ... so unless we each set up
our own local mail-handling facilities (e.g. some spare box running
fetchmail and Dovecot/Courier), which we then access via IMAP, then lack
of POP3 is a show-stopper (other than for users who use only
IMAP-accessible "unlimited storage" free webmail addresses).

I don't know what the Trojita author's wishes are for handling of
other mail protocols but if s/he would accept a patch then it might be
possible to bolt on the POP3 engine from some other open-source email
client.   I'll try to make time to look into that.

> The addressbook feature is somewhat lacking. There
> doesn't seem to be any ability to import contacts. 

Ah .. that would also be a major problem.

> it is a nice lightweight alternative if you don't mind
> those limitations

Thanks for taking the trouble to try it out and post a review.

Never FDISK after midnight

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