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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

Hi everyone

On 25/03/17 18:50:08 CEST, fradev  wrote:
> Here are the dependencies of task-kde-desktop, on the right my suggestions.
> task-kde-desktop
>   Depends: tasksel
>   Depends: task-desktop
>   Depends: kde-standard
>   Depends: sddm
>   Recommends: kdeaccessibility        --> change to: Suggests
>   Recommends: gnome-orca              --> change to: Suggests
>   Recommends: k3b                     --> change to: Suggests
>   Recommends: k3b-i18n                --> change to: Suggests
>   Recommends: plasma-nm
>   Recommends: kdesudo
>   Recommends: libreoffice-kde
>   Recommends: apper                   --> substitute with: synaptic
>   Recommends: gimp
>   Recommends: firefox-esr
>   Recommends: libreoffice
>   Recommends: libreoffice-help-en-us
>   Recommends: mythes-en-us
>   Recommends: hunspell-en-us
>   Recommends: hyphen-en-us
>   Recommends: system-config-printer
>   Recommends: dragonplayer            --> substitute with: vlc

(original message here [1])

I didn't received many feedbacks about this and I'm thinking to send a bug
report (wishlist) proposing the changes highlighted above.

What concerns me the most here is apper. Summarising:
- apper should be dead upstream 
- plasma-discover is too bugged to be used as a replacement
- update-notifications don't seem to work with both (at least for me)
- what about muon?
- synaptic seems to be the only sane alternative but doesn't provide
- pk-update-icon provides update-notifications but depends on gnome-packagekit

Despite the integration with the Plasma desktop I think it is essential to 
provide (also) a good graphical package manager with update-notifications. What 
do you think about it?


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2017/03/msg00041.html

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