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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On 03/17/2017 02:48 AM, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
Am Mittwoch, 15. März 2017, 19:01:16 CET schrieb fradev:
The default KDE/Plasma 5 installation in Stretch, via task-kde-desktop, in
my opinion doesn't provide the best user experience because of the many
applications installed by default.

While the experience with the Plasma desktop is pretty good, the same
cannot be said for some KDE applications. To improve the situation, at
least for me, in different occasions I had to:

- manually install only the required KDE applications in a minimal Debian
- or manually remove all the unwanted KDE applications in the default KDE
installation (and break meta-packages).

There are metapackages of finer granularity available like kde-standard,
kdegraphics, kdemultimedia.

I'm looking at it from the eyes of an average computer user, what they expect and what to do if something is not there that they expect(synaptic), fixing users problems. kde-plasma-desktop covers most, no PIM, that is a personal choice, like you say,install kde-standard if you want PIM, the average user don't even know how to use a keyboard like we do, less a personal information manager. They want to play dvd's, cd's, watch youtube, play internet games and do Facebook, but with a lot of them even Facebook is over their head. "Point-N-Click or Tap" is all they want to do. The average user is not being creative or productive while using the computer nor on this list.

Jimmy Johnson

Debian Sid/Testing - Plasma 5.8.6 - EXT4 at sda15
Registered Linux User #380263

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