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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation

On Friday, 17 March 2017 15:57:40 CET inkbottle wrote:
> I too vote it out of (almost) compulsory installation:
> Konqueror "was" a really great idea, especially, to my mind, through the
> kpart things: One could open several Okular document simultaneously, have
> efficient tab organization, the possibility to bookmark them
> simultaneously... Unfortunately it never worked, since one of the most
> praised functionality, the annotation or review tools, never integrated
> with it -- by the way, this annotation functionality of Okular still lack
> support for utf-8, years after the bug have been reported,
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=65956
> (I know it's a poppler bug).
> Also Konqueror doesn't integrate anymore with plasma, is redundant...
> Konqueror depends on *Dolphin4*...

Regardless of the general decision about this, just remember that Konqueror 
from Applications 16.12 is based on Frameworks. (and dolphin4 is just a small 
library anyway).

> I like the "file size view" feature which I find far superior to
> "filelight". This functionality "is" provided by "k4dirstat" (which is an
> outdated version of qdirstat, http://kdirstat.sourceforge.net/)
> The Konqueror version is faster and more convenient, to my mind.
> *kde-plasma-desktop* (package), *depends* on kde-baseapps, which in turn
> *depends* on konqueror (and kfind...), which again depend on "outdated
> technologies", like *dolphin4*....
This is probably an historical artifact before the split of kde-baseapps 
(which happened over time, the last part of the split few months ago).

> The only thing bad if Konqueror is not forced in anymore, is that one will
> have to amend wikipedia article (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konqueror).
> More and more Kde things are called Plasma nowadays... So suppressing it is
> not as bad as if it was called "Pomperor" (sorry about that).

Another note on naming (which I know that you know, but the sentence above 
could be a bit unclear). The number of components of the Plasma project did 
not did not change significantly in its history (check the upstream tarballs).


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