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Plasma 5.8.6 with bugfixes coming


Maxy prepared Plasma 5.8.6 or at leasts parts of it and aims at uploading it 
to unstable. It may take a while, cause each source package needs an unblock 

But I see at least plasma-pa (Pulseaudio) and plasma-nm (Network Manager) 
coming in today. So we will receive some bug fixes in time for Stretch. Also I 
have seen kscreen already, but it is not yet available in the repo I use.

I am actually really quite happy. Also regarding extra applications. Krita 
3.1.1 is quite current, Digikam 5.3.0 is quite current. Only current KDEPIM 
versions didn´t make it.

I intend to stay with Sid anyway.

Thank you for the great work, Debian Qt/KDE team!


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