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Re: Dolphin dropdown menu broken on multi-monitor

Am Dienstag, 13. September 2016, 17:35:51 CEST schrieb Joe McEntire:
> There's an odd issue in dolphin in stretch where the dropdown menus
> (particularly the places menu when used as a drop down) appears on the
> wrong monitor.  I'm using 4 monitors and the newest nvidia driver.  Just
> wondering if anyone knew of any work arounds I could try to get it fixed,
> other than resorting to the places panel view.

I have seen something like this with submenus of for example the Dolphin 
context menu, when I open it at the border of a screen and the sub menu wouldn 
not fit anymore. This is an upstream bug which I think is fixed meanwhile – in 
a newer version of I think kwin, than the one currently packaged in Debian 

Aside from that you didn´t tell which version of Dolphin / Plasma / KDE 
Frameworks if applicable you are using.


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