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Re: Btrfs & Dolphin

Hello Gary.

Am Sonntag, 11. September 2016, 12:42:03 CEST schrieb Gary Dale:
> I just read an article in Linux Pro magazine (entitled "New Butter")
> about Btrfs. It ended rather enigmatically with a warning that "Btrfs
> does not integrate well with graphical file managers."
> This confuses me. I'd think that a file manager should operate pretty
> much independently of the file system and vice versa providing that the
> file system implements the basic Unix-type services (ownership,
> permissions, hierarchical directory structure, etc.). Can anyone
> elaborate on what the author may have been alluding to?
> I am running Debian/Stretch with the KDE/Plasma5 desktop and use Dolphin
> quite a bit. Btrfs is supposedly stable and offers features that could
> be quite useful to me. I've been considering switching from Ext4 for a
> while but don't have any compelling reasons to do so if the switch could
> cause problems with my normal workflow - such as not being able to use
> Dolphin.

The author most likely means that it doesn´t support restoring files from 
snapshots and stuff like that. I.e. that it doesn´t support additional BTRFS 

Rest assured that Dolphin works perfectly well on a BTRFS filesystem. This 
ThinkPad T520 is using BTRFS since I got it, about kernel 2.6.38/39 at that 
time, and BTRFS DUAL SSD RAID 1 since about April 2014, kernel 3.14.

In case for BTRFS you may want to inform yourself about possible pitfalls and 
not yet stable features tough. This is currently a discussion on BTRFS 
mailinglist with hopefully some people working on improving the kernel wiki¹. 
I also recommend to read Debian wiki page about it, since it contains many 
hints about possible pitfalls². Although I didn´t have any issues with 
compress=lzo that I am aware of, there may be some. And well avoid RAID 5 and 
6 for now, I´d say. And if you use Debian Jessie, then also use backport 

[1] https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page

[2] https://wiki.debian.org/Btrfs


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