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Re: kde framework 5.21

On Tuesday, 12 April 2016 08:09:02 CEST C. Mourad Jaber wrote:
> As the 5.21 version of kf5 is out, I'm asking the question of the debian
> integration process which is very long at this moment.

I'm currently working on reducing it, by building most of the packages 
automatically, it still needs several improvements but, it's getting there.

> I have some questions :
> What is the maturity of kf5 (5.19) in experimental ?

5.19 is fine, but it's built against qt 5.6 which makes testing it hard (you'll 
need to rebuild all the packages that depend on it and use private qt 
symbols). Also qt 5.6.0 has some regressions that will be fixed in 5.6.1, so qt 
5.6.0 won't be in unstable.

The main issue here is that the current way experimental works allows only one 
experiment at the time.

> Is it usable ? if yes why it stay in experimental ?

It's in experimental because it's not an independent upgrade, it affects 
packages from plasma, applications and even some not maintained by the team, 
sadly it's stale because experimental won't allow a sane way to address the 
current issues. The next upload will go to unstable directly and address the 
issues there.

Happy hacking,
"The sooner you start to code, the longer the program will take."
-- Roy Carlson
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