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Fwd: [Kde-pim] QT 5.6.0


here I forward a message of Sandro, see the last paragraph about Qt 5.6. 
According to him currently Plasma crashes hard with Qt 5.6 and that is why the 
team waits for 5.6.1.


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Subject: [Kde-pim] QT 5.6.0
Date: Freitag, 15. April 2016, 01:48:58 CEST
From: Sandro Knauß <sknauss@kde.org>
To: kde-pim@kde.org


I see that the first bumps to Qt 5.6 are made in messagelib etc. These make 
CI unhappy because there is no Qt 5.6 available. Why we need Qt 5.6? If 
everyone inside KDE is happy with Qt 5.5? It would be nice if we can talk 
about those bumps before they happen. Because building new Qt is not a easy 
task. And I would like to get away from buming to new versions directy if they 
get released. If there is no need to bump, than leave the needed version 
It is really making the time for distribution hard to ship new versions, if 
the version dependencies are unnessary high. 
Also keep in mind all newcommers need to build everything that we depend on, 
if the versions are not available on their system...

One example with Qt 5.6 - this can't lend inside debian because plasma crashes 
with it hard - a fix is on its way or got released with 5.6.1. This is one 
example, why distributions can't ship the newest what soever dependency - and 
if we need that for kdepim that means we make it harder for distributions to 
ship it.



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