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Applications 15.12


Applications 15.12 have been introduced in experimental a little bit more than 
2 month ago: I'm very keen about seeing them in testing or even in sid, 
because this version would allegedly fix that bug:
which is preventing me, and everyone else following testing I believe, to have 
pdf preview in Dolphin for many month now.

I might be mistaken though about that actually being the reason I don't have 
preview because testing version (of kdegraphics-thumbnailers) isn't really 
15.08 designated as being the culprit...

Anyway, are there issues preventing 15.12 from moving to sid, as it is the 
case for Plasma 5.5?

By the way I did install kdegraphics-thumbnailers 15.12 from exp; I do now 
have a list item which I can tick in order to have ps/pdf preview; actual 
preview I don't have yet...

What I think is that if the package were in sid, more people would install it, 
and I would have more chance to see my issue fixed.


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