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Re: Change old kde4 font scaling/sizes after upgrade?

Am Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015, 01:57:30 CET schrieb Thomas Fjellstrom:
> I finally was able to upgrade to the new kde packages in debian, and things 
> are working pretty decently. Not perfect, but I can live with it :)
> Right now I'm having a few HiDPI related issues now that X and KDE seem to 
> support it much better now. Kmail as a kde4 app has massive fonts even in
> the  ui, probably due to reading in my old dpi and font sizes from the old
> kde install.
> Where do I find the right place to change those settings? I've searched
> around  in my .kde dir a bit and didn't really find much that helped.
> Incidentally, I'm also having dpi issues with Chrome. People claim it
> works,  but it never has for me :( even when I disable it's device scaling,
> it gets the fonts wrong (too large again).
> For reference, my laptop has a 1080p 15" screen for 148 dpi.

There are two settings in Plasma 5 regarding DPI. Old setting I still use is 
with Fonts. "Force dpi for fonts." I use 140 dpi for 1080p 15" screen. I use a 
little les than 148 dpi, cause I have another 22 inch external display and its 
gets to big there with 148 dpi.

Second is in display settings (kscreen). "Scale display" or something like 
that in english. I think I tried to use it, but I had an issue with it, so I 
am still just using the font size scaling mentioned above. It seems you can 
set a different dpi for different screens tough so I think I will have a look 
at it again some day. Also it scales all elements not just fonts.

I still dream on autodetecting dpi and automatic configuration for each 
display. I.e. the underlying gui toolkit just using points. But well its a 
complex issue and there have been quite some blog posts by KDE devs about 
proper high-dpi support. And the screen scaling is what they came up with.


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