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Re: Monitoring Baloo activity

Am Freitag, 15. Januar 2016, 15:29:02 CET schrieb newbeewan@nativobject.net:
> Hi,
> I have activated file indexation in plasma 5.
> At each session launch, baloo_file_extractor eat lots cpu and memory and
> after hours, I kill it to get some memory back (around of 1,5Gb !)...
> I don't know why it is eating so much resources and when it should have
> finish scanning files... And if it is completly stuck to disabled it...
> Is it possible to monitor the activity of baloo ?

You could try watching the output of 

balooctl status

Other than that you could attach a strace -e file or strace -e open to the 
baloo_file process while it is running. Maybe this way you can find out 
whether it has issue with a certain file or directory.

You could also use balooctl config (hmmm, might be new) or systemsettings to 
exclude some more folders from it.


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