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Re: possible cause? Re: iceweasel locking up under KDE, fine under Xfce

Arthur Marsh wrote on 15/01/16 16:54:
My next step in debugging was to rename the ~/.config directory when logged out of KDE plasma, and then logging in and starting iceweasel.

That ran fine, so I reverted the ~/.config directory and moved the 16 most recently modified files and directories under it out the way, and again logged into KDE plasma and started iceweasel, leading to a lock-up.

I then moved the next 16 most recently modified files and directories under ~/.config out the way and logged into KDE plasma and started iceweasel successfully.

That would suggest that one or more of the second group of 16 of files and directories under ~/.config were responsible for the lock-up.

However, after several cycles of logging out of of the KDE plasma desktop, moving the files and directories back a few at a time, and logging back in again, at no stage did I experience another lock-up.

I did find that kwin was not using the Plastik style that I had previously, (and some other window behaviours were also different from how I had set them) so I changed them under "Window Manager Settings" and was again able to log out of KDE plasma and back in again and run iceweasel without problems.

It appears that there was some configuration that kwin_x11 was reading that had lead to the lock-up on loading iceweasel, but I have no way of finding what that was now.

Is there any documentation on what configuration file(s) kwin_x11 uses?

If I had known specifically where to find settings and move them out the way for testing purposes, I could have saved some time in isolating the problem.


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