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Re: properly functioning torrent manager for KDE/Plasma 5

On 07/01/16 11:47 AM, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Thursday, 2016-01-07, 10:23:36, Gary Dale wrote:
On 06/01/16 01:33 PM, Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Wednesday, 2016-01-06, 13:20:13, Gary Dale wrote:
Unfortunately ktorrent simply does not work. I can give it the same
torrent file as KGet and KGet will download the file(s) while ktorrent
reports the download as stalled. I can import a partially downloaded
torrent from kget and ktorrent will show the partial download but fail
to download the rest.

Are there any fully functioning torrent managers for KDE?
I always use KTorrent, with magnet links imported through clipboard.

KTorrent looks like it should be good, but as I said, it fails to
download anything. I haven't imported magnetic links from clipboard but
rather opened them directly in ktorrent where they also failed to do
I vaguely remember having problems with normal torrent links several years
back, but since I've already gotten used to using magnet links with
transmission-qt I am also using these with ktorrent.

But just to check I've clicked the BitTorrent link here [1] and chose to open
it with ktorrent and the download started as expected.


[1] http://grml.org/download/
I'm running Stretch. Perhaps it works in Jessie?

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