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Re: SDDM lost display monitor

Problems with nvidia too.

> I've been studding this and got plasma 5 to kind of work, it seems the
> nvidia driver will not work using plasma 5 with opengl or xrender, why I
> have no idea, do you?  Nvidia works with Sid and kde 4.

> Plasma 5 works with the nouveau driver but only in xrender, crashes using
> opengl. Also I have two monitors and I'm unable to save my monitor settings,
> having to setup monitors on each boot. I'm willing to try different ideas to
> fix these problems if there is a developer working on this with some ideas
> for me to try?

sddm works here with the nvidia driver, but also changes the screen
resolution (uses 1024x768 instead of 1440x900) and is very slow to
start. With kdm the screen resolution is not changed and startup speed
is normal.

Plasma 5 also starts with the 1024x768 resolution. It is working with
the nvidia driver by changing to xrender in the kwinrc file. OpenGL
2.0 is unstable and OpenGL 3.1 is very slow (for example, it takes
about 5 min to show the systemsettings window). I'm also unable so
save the monitor resolution.

> missing widgets that I use are quick-launch and plasma-widget-yawp, also
> while kdiskfree still works, kwikdisk no longer works.
> --
> Jimmy Johnson

Facundo Aguilera

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