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Re: Newer KDEPIM for Jessie


well very interesting, what you found :) The kolab team for the desktop team 
has two members christian and me. And am the only one you is reponsible for 
debian builds. But I never known about thiis https://ftp.kolab.org :) Thanks 
for this information, I'll check internally why these 3.5.X versions are 
(still) available.

> Okay, there's the sources and the DSC files etc... I guess my
> search was too specific. And to be honest, really, I had no idea
> searching for 4.13. :)

Yeah not a very happy time to start a stable branch. And the kolab version is 
as you see still in development, that's why there is no blog post about it. 

> I guess so. :-) Searching for success stories, most of the
> related postings mention KDE 4.14 and Akonadi 1.13 (which is also
> true for the OP's initial writings in [2]). So I think I would
> not have gone for Akonadi, which is what I can find on
> OBS (following your link), if you had not mentioned it.

The version number for kolab is not that exact what it inside it :P There are 
many more features added, that we need and also backported bugfixes + own 
developed ones etc. But well the version we will ship, will be supported for 
some years and is going to customors the upcomming months. So I think we will 
have a stable solution and it is a though to use our version,  if you fit into 
the usecases (imap, kolab resource,... ).



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