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Re: Newer KDEPIM for Jessie


> > (No kidding: the Kolab people do package their own enterprise
> > version of KDE, and they *do* ship KDEPIM 3.5.10 with it...).

well as one of the kdepim/kolab devs i can say: you are wrong!

There is a enterprise version of kontact (4.13.0.X) [0]. As you can see from 
the version number this is based on 4.13.0. Well actually the 
feauteres+bugfixes will go directly into the upcomming kf5 version. But for 
sure we don't ship kdepim 3.X anymore. 

There are also packages built:

but because we release 4.13.0.X version, you have to make a downgrade, what is 
a little bit tricky.



[0] https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/KP/kdepim.git branch 
kolab/integration/4.13.0 and you need also others packages: kdepimlibs, 
kdepim-runtime, akonadi.

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