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Re: Re: Newer KDEPIM for Jessie

Hi all,

seeking for a less-painful-than-self-compile way to get KDEPIM 
4.14.7 into Debian/Jessie (for much the same reasons as pointed 
out by the OP), I stumbled across


While this repo seems to have all of the packages I'm after, I do 
not really know to make heads or tails of it.

There site does not mention any maintainer. The owner of the 
domain hides behind some privacy service. There seems to be some 
connection to a live.ru account, but that does not necessarily 
mean anything.

Other than being referred to from some blog posts, I did not find 
any information as to whether or not this PPA can be trusted. I 
for one do *not* trust, because of missing information about 
who's behind that PPA, but maybe there is some info about this 
site I missed?

Anyway, the DSC files from that repo might be worth a look when 
trying to set up some trustworthy alternative to it, which would 
surely be of a great relief to Debian/Jessie KDEPIM users.

Kind regards,


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