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Re: KDEPIM issues (was: Re: Bugs bugs bugs)

Am Montag, 23. Februar 2015, 18:39:40 schrieb Volker Wysk:
> Am Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015, 16:13:10 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> > Am Samstag, 21. Februar 2015, 16:32:33 schrieb Volker Wysk:
> > > I've never used the experimental branch. When will the packages
> > > migrate
> > > to Unstable?
> > 
> > They won´t before Jessie release.
> > 
> > Maybe KDEPIM 4.14.5 could make it to unstable as its only bug fixes,
> > but that would need an exception from the release team as well in
> > this late state of Jessie freeze, I think – unless they fix RC bugs
> > (and only! them). The freezing / release policy is clarified in some
> > document I don´t have the URL at hand at the moment, should be easy
> > to find.
> This should be it:
> https://release.debian.org/jessie/freeze_policy.html
> It doesn't predict when Jessie will be released, but I get the
> impression that it won't be much longer.
> > > > For me beside KDEPIM KDE / Plasma 4.14.2 really works quite good.
> > > > KDEPIM basically works, but there are still a lot of open issues.
> > > 
> > > Exactly...
> > 
> > Well, that may not change *that much* with a newer version. 4.14.5 has
> > some bugs fixed, but I compiled kdepim-runtime and kdepimlibs 4.14.5
> > on top of KDEPIM 4.14.2 as packages by debian and I still have most
> > of the issues.
> What do you mean by "compile on top of"?

I am using KDEPIM as packaged for Debian with newer kdepimlibs, kdepim-
runtime and akonadi-server compiled by myself…
> What sources are you using? I can find only 4.14.3 on kde.org, not
> 4.14.5.

… using repositories cloned via git. I usually do not use tarballs 

I described this here:

List:       kdepim-users
Subject:    [kdepim-users] how to compile akonadi server quick guide (war: 
Re: rant)
From:       Martin Steigerwald <martin () lichtvoll ! de>
Date:       2015-01-29 13:57:13
Message-ID: 4101921.0cRO6RppXc () merkaba


Similar it is with kdepim-runtime and kdepimlibs, but they need a bit more 

Instead of

git checkout -b 1.13 origin/1.13

you need to checkout the origin/KDE/4.14 branch after the clone. And of 
course the remote repo URLs are different.

As said, the new akonadi server helps a lot with MySQL load, but in the 
end I still see KMail and Akonadi not talking to each other with KMail not 
responding anymore to user requests in any usable way (just displays blue 
wait message), so even the latest updates for KDE SC 4.14 / Akonadi for Qt 
4 do not fix that.

If you want just the MySQL performance improvements its sufficient to 
compile Akonadi server as I described in above post.

> > And the Plasma 5 / Qt 5 port of KDEPIM is not yet ready as far as I am
> > aware of. Even that will use the Akonadi as we now it today, so it may
> > have still similar shortcomings and bugs.
> This means that parts of the KDE SC will use Plasma 5 / Qt 5, whereas
> other parts (KDEPIM) still use Plasma 4 / Qt4 ? Will that work? It sure
> wouldn't make sense to run Akonadi4 and Akonadi5 simultaneously.. ? Is
> Akonadi only used by KDEPIM?

Yes, it will work. KDE 4 applications will work with KDE 5 as desktop.

But for Akonadi you want to have it all Qt 5 / Plasma 5 or all Qt 4 and 

> > I still use POP3 for my main private
> > account, but also IMAP is fragile, with Exchange, but there Exchange
> > has at least a fair share in causing the trouble.
> You mean Microsoft Exchange?


> > Yet, reporting those won´t magically make them go away and upstream
> > could need more developers. Thats why I hope that the adoption of
> > KDEPIM for Munich will help its overall stability. Cause frankly,
> > from what I see so far, it is not enterprise ready at all.
> > 
> > So for a clearly defined setup where you control server and client I
> > think for IMAP it can work okay. Not excellent, but okay.
> I use the mail server of my web hoster, and download the mail to my
> desktop system, using POP3 - no need for IMAP. It's simple this way.

Well thats what I do privately, although I administrate the IMAP server on 
my server VM.

> > In case you want to go that route, I suggest you also subscribe to
> > kdepim- users and probably kde-pim upstream mailinglists via
> > lists.kde.org and be prepared to deal with any issues you see, report
> > bugs, help with bug triaging and try to be patient.
> Yes, that's what it amounts to.

Well its no use to pretend anything different.

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