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Re: State of KDE 4.11

Am Donnerstag, 3. Oktober 2013, 16:17:38 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> Am Mittwoch, 25. September 2013, 23:12:58 schrieb Diederik de Haas:
> > On Wednesday 25 September 2013 22:51:42 Robin Herink wrote:
> > > So when is 4.11 getting to Debian repos? :)
> > 
> > No ETA for KDE 4.11 (from #debian-kde)
> Well first parts of KDE SC 4.11 hit experimental and are currently being
> build.
> Akonadi, kdelibs, KDEPIM base stuff.
> :)

Well I installed Akonadi, Nepomuk, kdepimlibs and kdebase-stuff that was 
available. I am not completely sure I got it all, but what I got seems to work 

Well I forgot the package kde-runtime and kwalletmanager showed me empty 
wallets on trying to send that mail after it worked for receiving mails. Lets 
see whether it works after having upgraded kde-runtime as well and relogin.

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