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Re: Re: Recommended way to use Debian?

> Thanks everyone for your help, it does indeed look like I'm having graphics issues thanks to Optimus.
> Plasma suddenly died on me just now (or atleast that's what I thought happened) and after looking into
> Xorg.0.log I saw that actually my Intel GPU had crashed! Hence why I couldn't see Plasma decorations.
> So I'll email that pkg-nvidia-devel list, maybe the Bumblebee guys are interested and if not I'll send my
> crash report to Intel.

Even though it was my Intel GPU that was crashing every day, not my NVIDIA GPU, I switched to Bumblebee in "wheezy-backports" 2 weeks ago and now my computer hasn't crashed at all since then! I even re-installed PulseAudio successfully, so I'm now a very happy Debian Stable KDE user! Thanks everyone for your help 2 weeks ago!

Shervin Emami.

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