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KDE SC 4.9.5 core packages uploaded to qt-kde-debian.net


We have uploaded the most important set of packages of KDE SC 4.9.5 to:


(qt-kde2.debian.net is down right now, I'm trying to reach the sysadmin[s])

follow the instructions available there to install the packages. They are 
available both for i386 and amd64.

We may or may not provide further KDE SC 4.9.5 upgrades there, if we do, 
probably we will write another short announcement mail here.

We may or may not provide KDE SC 4.10 packages there, if we do, we will write 
an announcement mail here.

For your information this is the list of _source_ packages uploaded:
exp|main|source: akonadi 1.8.1-0r0
exp|main|source: kactivities 4:4.9.5-0r0
exp|main|source: kamoso 2.0.2+git20130122-0r1
exp|main|source: kate 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: kde-baseapps 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: kde-l10n 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: kde-runtime 4:4.9.5-0r0
exp|main|source: kde-workspace 4:4.9.5-0r2
exp|main|source: kde4libs 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: kdepimlibs 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: kdeplasma-addons 4:4.9.5-0r3
exp|main|source: konsole 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: meta-kde 5:78~pre2
exp|main|source: nepomuk-core 4:4.9.5-0r0
exp|main|source: oxygen-icons 4:4.9.5-0r0
exp|main|source: pkg-kde-archive-keyring 2.1
exp|main|source: pkg-kde-tools 0.15.4~pre1
exp|main|source: pykde4 4:4.9.5-0r1
exp|main|source: soprano 2.8.0+dfsg.1-0r2
exp|main|source: virtuoso-opensource 6.1.6+dfsg1-0r1

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