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Re: KDE SC 4.9.5 core packages uploaded to qt-kde-debian.net

Great news, thank you very much. However, lots of KWin styles are
broken now because of https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=304645
Is there any chance to see the updated versions of the styles packages
(in particular, QtCurve) in the nearest future?

On Thu, 24 Jan 2013 20:50:06 +0100
José Manuel Santamaría Lema <panfaust@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> We have uploaded the most important set of packages of KDE SC 4.9.5
> to:
> http://qt-kde.debian.net
> (qt-kde2.debian.net is down right now, I'm trying to reach the
> sysadmin[s])
> follow the instructions available there to install the packages. They
> are available both for i386 and amd64.
> We may or may not provide further KDE SC 4.9.5 upgrades there, if we
> do, probably we will write another short announcement mail here.
> We may or may not provide KDE SC 4.10 packages there, if we do, we
> will write an announcement mail here.
> For your information this is the list of _source_ packages uploaded:
> exp|main|source: akonadi 1.8.1-0r0
> exp|main|source: kactivities 4:4.9.5-0r0
> exp|main|source: kamoso 2.0.2+git20130122-0r1
> exp|main|source: kate 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: kde-baseapps 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: kde-l10n 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: kde-runtime 4:4.9.5-0r0
> exp|main|source: kde-workspace 4:4.9.5-0r2
> exp|main|source: kde4libs 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: kdepimlibs 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: kdeplasma-addons 4:4.9.5-0r3
> exp|main|source: konsole 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: meta-kde 5:78~pre2
> exp|main|source: nepomuk-core 4:4.9.5-0r0
> exp|main|source: oxygen-icons 4:4.9.5-0r0
> exp|main|source: pkg-kde-archive-keyring 2.1
> exp|main|source: pkg-kde-tools 0.15.4~pre1
> exp|main|source: pykde4 4:4.9.5-0r1
> exp|main|source: soprano 2.8.0+dfsg.1-0r2
> exp|main|source: virtuoso-opensource 6.1.6+dfsg1-0r1

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