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Fwd: QA during fosdem (was: Re: Debian Project News - January 21st, 2013)


I will be visiting FOSDEM in Brussels next February. Apart from being Debian user, contributer, etc. and
member of LibreOffice Dutch language team I represent a community of Software Process Improvers (http://www.st-spider.nl/)
To learn from others this team regularly organises lectures and meetings. For the autumn 2013 SPIDER plans
a couple of lectures about "Open Source". Themes around "software development processes in the cloud",
"quality assurance",  "requirements gathering", "....." and many others are of interesest.

I am looking forward to meet those who could give a lecture during this event. Dutch is no requirement, English is fine.

Anyway: I like to pre-discuss with those who would be interested to give a lecture to SPIDER during FOSDEM.

Drop me a mail, many thanks!

Luc Castermans

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