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Re: kaddressbook stopped working (Squeeze)

Am Dienstag, 18. September 2012 schrieb Rainer Dorsch:
> > If you are using the digital clock applet for Plasma, you could try
> > enabling it's calendar integration just to see if KAddressBook starts
> > correctly if something else is starting Akonadi before it gets to
> > that.
> Hmm...how would I do that? (screenshot attached)

What version of Akonadi and KAddressBook are you using?

I have an option "Ereignisse anzeigen" (show events) in that "Kalender" 
tab and that should be the calendar integration.

I am using Debian Sid with:

martin@merkaba:~> apt-show-versions | egrep "(akonadi|kdepim|
akonadi-backend-postgresql/sid uptodate 1.7.2-1
akonadi-backend-sqlite/sid uptodate 1.7.2-1
akonadi-server/sid uptodate 1.7.2-1
akonadiconsole/sid uptodate 4:
kaddressbook/sid uptodate 4:
kdepim/sid uptodate 4:
kdepim-groupware/sid uptodate 4:
kdepim-kresources/sid uptodate 4:
kdepim-runtime/sid uptodate 4:
kdepim-strigi-plugins/sid uptodate 4:
kdepim-wizards/sid uptodate 4:
kdepimlibs-kio-plugins/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
kdepimlibs5-dev/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-calendar4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-contact4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-kabc4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-kcal4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-kde4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-kmime4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadi-notes4/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
libakonadiprotocolinternals1/sid uptodate 1.7.2-1
libkdepim4/sid uptodate 4:
libsmokeakonadi3/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1
ruby-akonadi/sid uptodate 4:4.8.4-1

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