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Re: kaddressbook stopped working (Squeeze)

Hi Rainer,

On Tuesday, 2012-09-18, Rainer Dorsch wrote:

> Your assumption is correct, when kaddressbook crashes through
> starting akonadi, the process hangs and it seems it is in the saved
> session. If I kill the kaddressbook process (kill <pid>), then it is not
> started.
> With respect to the kaddressbook problem this makes no difference
> though:
> -> kaddressbook tries to start akonadi
> -> akonadi is started, but kaddressbook does not display an
> addressbook
> -> exiting kaddressbook, leaves a kaddressbook process
> -> restarting kaddressbook is only possible if I kill the old process
> manually, but then it restart correctly with my addressbook.

This sounds like a KAddressBook problem or something KAddressBook "inherits" 
through KDE PIMl libraries.
Seems Akonadi starts correctly (simply restarting KAddressBook makes it work), 
but KAddressBook seems to hang waiting for that startup.

If you are using the digital clock applet for Plasma, you could try enabling 
it's calendar integration just to see if KAddressBook starts correctly if 
something else is starting Akonadi before it gets to that.


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