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Re: Kontact, KMail won't start with Qt dfsg-2 packages

On Tuesday 04 September 2012, Benjamin Eikel wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> Am Dienstag, 4. September 2012 um 20:58:53 schrieb Michael Schuerig:
> > I've recently upgraded all the Qt packages 4:4.8.2+dfsg-1 to
> > 4:4.8.2+dfsg-2 and only today I restarted my computer. After that
> > KMail and Kontact didn't start anymore. From what I could tell
> > with strace, both of them were blocked in a system call (select or
> > epoll, I think). After reinstalling all the old Qt packages,
> > things are fine again.
> I do not see problems with these package versions and Kontact.
> Starting works without problems for me.

Did you restart your computer since installing those packages? For me 
the trouble only started after that.

I have a hunch that my problem is related to DBus in some way. As far as 
I can tell, only Kontact and KMail were affected. Notably, for these two 
applications only single instances are started and I think this is 
handled through DBus. My rather shaky hypothesis is that in my case the 
applications were blocking on a call to DBus while trying to find out if 
there was already a running instance.


Michael Schuerig

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