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Re: building calligra 2.4.1

Am Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012 schrieb Pino Toscano:
> Alle domenica 27 maggio 2012, Martin Steigerwald ha scritto:
> > Is it okay for you when I upload it somewhere for others to test?
> Considering calligra 2.4.1 has been just accepted to unstable, there's
> no need to.

Many thanks for the packaging.

First test shows that Calligra 2.4.1 is finally able to display some 
OpenOffice/LibreOffice letters which contain some address fields completely 
with the address fields. This might be the version that can replace 
LibreOffice - at least in most of the cases - for me.

I will upgrade to the unstable packages once they become available for 

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