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Re: Owncloud integration with KDE (on Debian)

On Sunday 27 May 2012 10:50:20 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hi Diederik,

Hi Martin,

> > On http://owncloud.org/synchronisation/kde/ there's a description on
> > how to integrate owncloud with  KDE.
> > I'm running KDE on Debian (Sid/qt-kde.debian.net) which is now a
> > combination of 4.7.4 and 4.8.3,  with more 4.8.x pkgs on the way.
> > As far as I know it is planned to have KDE 4.8.x in Wheezy, but not all
> > of it. Most notable exception will be KMail/Kontact/kdepim/akonadi
> > which 4.8.x version most likely won't make it into Wheezy.
> Where has that been said?

It may have never been said (explicitly), but that's at least the impression I 
got from following the ML and discussions on irc.
I got the impression that KMail2 was associated with (possible) dataloss and I 
can understand that you wouldn't want such an application in a debian stable 
release. And since my KMail version is 1.13.7, we can safely say it's not 
KMail2, which was introduced in KDE SC 4.6 or 4.7, so that also likely means 
that the components related to that (kdepim/akonadi) aren't updated to the 
latest versions available. 

Apart from that, this mail was a direct consequence of a question I asked on irc 
on how to get CalDav/CardDav working as described in the linked article and the 
response was "if you want dav support in akonadi, let us know what is actually 
needed to get it".

And I expected that if I made factual errors I'd corrected on the mailing list, 
which thus far, hasn't happened.


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