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Re: Kaboom: Greek letters in Kontact

Am Freitag, 6. April 2012 schrieb Jens Radloff:
> Hi,

Hi Jens,

> Having applied Kaboom all email folder names, email subjects and the
> content of all mails in Kontact (being part of KDE4 in Debian Squeeze
> 6.0.4) appear with Greek letters.


What is your locale?

How do you access mail? IMAP, POP3? If POP3 please have a look whether the 
headers and content of mails are okay in a mail file stored on disk. (My 
first bet is that its just a display issue and the on disk data should be 
fine). If IMAP, you may check via webmail.

Any strange settings in systemsettings regarding regionalization (don´t 
know the english word in systemsettings as I have it in german, changing 
the language for systemsettings only, will not change the language of the 
modules in there and I don´t want to change language globally just to see 

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