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Re: Options for kdepim using kde 4.7/unstable?

Martin Steigerwald:
> Am Freitag, 16. März 2012 schrieb Dietz Pröpper:
> > Benjamin Eikel:
> > > > I suspect something like that, but can't nail it down. The fact,
> > > > that if I fire up gnome, I see the "expected" consumption, around
> > > > 15W, and on a freshly created account, kde pulls around 22W
> > > > idleing around indicates that it's in some way kde related I
> > > > think.
> > > 
> > > have you tried "powertop" [1] to get an idea which process might be
> > > responsible for the power consumption?
> > 
> > Indeed, I did, which led me to plasma-desktop in the first place. I
> > see around 300 wakeups/s, 1/3 of them via plasma-desktop. Expected
> > are around 120-150 on "my" kde workspace. Of course, in "idle" state.
> Hmmm, I have easily around 500-600 wakeups/second.

On an idle system?

> But I do not even see
> plasma-desktop in the process list on the Overview tab of powertop.

I see between 20 and 100 events from plasma-desktop, and around the same 
from the X sever (nvidia, Quadro FX 880M). CPU-wise, plasma-desktop 
permanently pulls 1-2% cpu time, and the x server another 3-5%.

> Thus is you have plasma-desktop in the first place, I think this is not
> normal.

Ack. And the behaviour is not that clear that I can rule out other heavy 
electrons ;-).

> Unless you do not run anything else at all in the moment. I
> think I will try with all user applications closed and look again.

Yes, that will be the next step. Did not really have the time to look into 
this much deeper.

> I would test with a new user with a bog standard KDE configuration
> first.

That was the first try I gave ;-). And power consumption was basically the 
same. And, as written, it seems to be something kde related, because 
neither with a gnome desktop, nor with no X11 running at all I could 
reproduce the power drain.

> If that is better I would disable plasmoids one by one starting
> with those which I added yourself until I find the culprit. Since these
> are running in the context of plasma-desktop and I am not even sure
> whether they run as threads there, I do not know any other approach
> that would work.

Hopefully I'll have the time to look into that the next days a littl 

(You know, knowing that probably s.t. is broken on my side makes diagnosis 
much easier ;-).

To be a bug is a dumb thing, a silly and a bump thing,
but to be a bug is something, and You're not a thing at all.

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