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Re: kipi-plugins yandexfotki in kde 4.7.4


Roman Sakal <sakalr@gmail.com>
> Hi, who knows why kipi-plugin "yandexfotki" did not included to kde 4.7.4?
> I just upgraded my kde to 4.7.4 with hope to use this plugin, but didn't
> found them in my kipi-plugins.
> I must wait a kde 4.8.x?
> ---
> thank your for kde in debian

kipi-plugins insn't part of the KDE SC (that software collection released each 
6 months and whose latest stable version is 4.7.4); kipi-plugins is part of 
digikam, which follows its own release schedule. Right now there is a newer 
digikam in experimental, so you can upgrade it manually with this command:
aptitude -t experimental upgrade ?'source-package(digikam)'

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