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desktop extremely unresponsive (4.6.5 etc.), strange workaround

Dear all,

I installed KDE 4.6.5 from debian-desktop.org on squeeze (and actually have replaced it now with a KDE 4.7.3 re-compiled from Ubuntu). I know, all this certainly isn't "a good idea", but maybe some of you have a hint as to my problem:

The Plasma deskop is (with 4.6.5 and 4.7.3) extremely slow -- ie I click on the K menu and it freezes for 1min before the K menu appears. This is with and without graphics effects switched on (geforce 8200 w/ nvidia driver). I have also tried (w/o change) to switch off the start of all "services at system startup" in the system settings. And of course with a empty .kde in my home, and as normal user or as root. Nothing helped.

However, the problem completely disappears when I do not use ksmserver in /usr/bin/startkde, ie I replace

#kwrapper4 ksmserver $KDEWM 


kwrapper4 kwin &
kwrapper4 plasma-desktop &
kwrapper4 krunner &
test -n "$ksplash_pid" && kill "$ksplash_pid" 2>/dev/null

I have put the .xsession-errors for the first (original startkde, "bad") and the 2nd (modified startkde, no ksmserver, "ok") case in:


If anyone has an idea, I'll be very thankful and he's invited for a coffee in case of success (ie some coffee powder bought online & sent to him or so ;) ).



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