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plasma-widget-networkmanagement / openconnect

Hi everybody,

...I'm looking for the possibility to configure openconnect through the 
network-manager plasma widget. According to some posts on the net, openconnect 
should be supported in nm09-branch of the plasma-widget:

"Note for KDE users: KDE does not support using OpenConnect with version 0.8 
of NetworkManager (unless of course you run OpenConnect manually from the 
command line and don't use NetworkManager for the VPN at all). It is only 
supported since 2011-06-22 with the NetworkManager 0.9, and with the 
corresponding nm09 branch of the kde-plasma-networkmanagement widget"

However - I'm unable to configure openconnect using an up-to-date sid 
installation (openconnect works from cli, though).

ii  network-manager                      		0.9.0-2
ii  network-manager-openconnect          	0.9.0-2
ii  openconnect                          		3.02-2
ii  plasma-widget-networkmanagement	0.9~git20111103.1240c6f-1

-> the plasma-widget is from nm09 branch (according to the changelog):

* New upstream Git snapshot 1240c6f6f83d6a0502f659c7c49fe6d03ecb917f from
    the nm09 branch (0.9.0 rc2)

Any hints or explanations why this does not work?



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