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Re: How can I find the path to various icons

On 22/10/11 22:31, Harry Putnam wrote:
> On the main kde menu, I have several icons in the first area
> (favorites)
> I expected to be able to right click and get the properties of the
> icon as one can do in gnome, but that hows other information and
> nothing about what the icon is linked to (path wise).  How can I get
> that information.
> A detailed example:
> An icon for Virtual Box appears in my `Favorites'

It will also appear elsewhere (launcher => System => VirtualBox)
Favourites is just a shortcut to the launcher entry.

> How can I determine what executable and how it is called.
> Moreover, how can I edit that call?

Right-click on the KDE icon at the base of the launcher (menu)
Select "Menu Editor" from the drop-down list
Expand the Category you're interested in eg. System
Left-click on the entry eg. VirtualBox
You'll see the command and can edit it, if you click on the Advanced tab
you can change the work path, left-click on the (VirtualBox) icon to
edit it's properties.

Though you don't ask:-
;Right-clicking on the KDE launch icon will give you access to the
Application Launcer Settings - it'll also allow you to turn off "Kick
off menu style".
;Right-clicking on the bottom panel will allow you to "Unlock Widgets"
(it's under Panel Options) - when widgets are unlocked you can
right-click on any launcher (KDE menu) entry and assign it to the
Desktop, Favourites, or the Panel.


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