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Re: How can I find the path to various icons

Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:

First, I've snipped the bulk of your input.  It hit the mark and very
helpful, thank you.  

For some reason VB is under Utilities for me, rather than
System.  Other than that, I found everything I asked for.

I've left your first comments below because it raised another related
point I wanted to get at.


>> A detailed example:
>> An icon for Virtual Box appears in my `Favorites'
> It will also appear elsewhere (launcher => System => VirtualBox)
> Favourites is just a shortcut to the launcher entry.

A word of explanation:  I put VB under favorites my self.  Here is
why.  First it looked like a long job to find it by hand; so I
used the search box to find it... I still could not determine where it
was in the menus.   Seems like something I should be able to see from
the `search' output  (the path to the icon in the menus)  But since I
couldn't and I didn't want to use search every time... I drug it
to `favorites' since that is the first thing that opens.

I say all that to point up the fact that (In my opinion) the path
information would often be nearly as useful as finding the item.  It
seems a serious shortcoming to the menu `search' dialog, that it does
not provide the path (inside the menus) for the items it finds.

PS - what does %F  mean at the end of a command path, such as the one
for emacs23: /usr/bin/emacs23 %F. 

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