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Re: How can I find the path to various icons


Favorites are kept in file ~/.kde/share/config/kickoffrc
This is simple INI file and value of FavoriteURLs key is comma-separated list 
of .desktop files paths. If you only want to read path to executable, just open 
appropriate .desktop file in any text editor.

Global .desktop files are kept in /usr/share/applications/. You should not 
modify them. You would have root privileges to do so, but any changes will be 
overwritten next time you update application which ships .desktop file. 
Instead, you should copy .desktop file to ~/.local/share/applications/ (you can 
create that directory if you do not have it). Then you can modify it any way 
you like.

If you need GUI for it, you can simply drag icon and drop it anywhere on your 
desktop. You will be able to modify properties of that icon. Modifying them 
will transparently copy .desktop file into your ~/.local folder and modify it. 
To see changes in kickoff ("start menu"), you will have to restart it. Simply 
logging out and logging in will do the job. You can safely remove icon from 
your desktop afterward. 
Best regards
Mirosław Zalewski

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