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Re: Enforcing some KDE configs

On Tuesday, 2011-10-18, Andrew Reid wrote:
> > On Tuesday 18 October 2011 01:46:50 Andrew Reid wrote:
> > > I thought I could do this by putting the appropriate nepomukserverrc
> > > and nepomukstrigirc files in /etc/kde4/share/config
> > 
> > How about /etc/skel/ ?
> > That's the place to configure defaults for new users, so I'm not sure if
> > that's sth you can use.
>   Thanks, that's a good thought -- we have an account template
> for new users, and I had forgotten about it.
>   But, I still need to sovle the problem for existing users
> migrating to KDE4 on their new "squeeze" workstations.
>   Fortunately, by the Power of Posting, I have identified the dumb
> thing I was doing -- it turns out I had typo'd the "KDEDIRS"
> environment variable in /etc/profile, so the overrides I had
> put in /etc/kde4 weren't being used -- if you set the environment
> variable correctly, all of a sudden the documentation starts to
> make some sense.

kde4-config can help to determine lookup path lists, e.g.
kde4-config --path config
for a list of directories searched for config.

List in order of lookup and precendence with the exception of immutable 
entries, sections or files, which are resolved the other way around.

>   The docs are on techbase.kde.org, btw, and although some of
> the pages talk about kde3, they seem to apply to kde4 also.

Config handling itself hasn't been changed, so most docs should apply without 
any change as well. Some key names might have been changed or replaced though.
The mechanism for marking things as immutable or environment based is still in 


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