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Re: Enforcing some KDE configs

On 18/10/11 10:46, Andrew Reid wrote:
>   Hi all --
>   I have a situation where I want to set certain KDE desktop attributes
> for all users in KDE 4 on Debian "squeeze", and not allow users to change
> them.  Specifically, I want to turn off nepomuk and nepomuk/strigi, because
> our systems have NFS-mounted user home directories, and "desktop search"
> plays havoc with the NFS server.
>   I thought I could do this by putting the appropriate nepomukserverrc
> and nepomukstrigirc files in /etc/kde4/share/config, after copying these
> files out of an example home directory's $HOME/.kde/share/config directory,
> where they had been turned off.
>   I also tried appending "[$i]" to all the group stanzas in the config
> files, I read somewhere that this was supposed to lock stuff down.
>   However, this didn't work, or at least, when I restored the pre-shutoff
> files to the account and logged in again, nepomuk was running.  I found
> some documentation about order-of-operations and search paths for KDE 
> config files, but it seems to be for KDE3, and I haven't found any for 
> KDE4 specifically, has the scheme changed?  
>   I am also confused about the order of precedence -- the docs seem
> to say that the KDEHOME files always have the highest precedence, but
> also have some discussion about the [$i] scheme to lock things down, 
> which I suppose means that the [$i] scheme overrides the precedence
> scheme, but I have not yet run across a clear statement to that effect
> in the docs, and I can't seem to make it work.
>   By way of explanation/apology, as a sysadmin I am generally strongly
> in favor of maximal user control, and I'm not really fond of the idea
> of locking down settings, but the sad fact in this case is that the
> defaults are killing the server, and as the "squeeze" roll-out picks 
> up, it's only going to get worse.
>   Thanks in advance for extra clues...
>                                       -- A.
> --
> Andrew Reid / reidac@bellatlantic.net
As suggested by Diederik, put your settings into /etc/skel eg.:-


New accounts will then automagically get those settings as:-

NOTES: you'll want:-
[Basic Settings]
Start Nepomuk=false


[main Settings]
Maximum memory=0

You probably *won't* need nepomukstrigirc as the nepomukserverrc I've
suggested stop that strigi service from starting.


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