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Re: about authentication in kde system setup tool

On Wednesday 12 October 2011 01:23:12 Harry Putnam wrote:
> On the dialog described their, the dropdown list only shows other users.
> Not me and not root.
> Am I completely misunderstanding what this is supposed to do or is it a
> small bug and my user and root should be on that list?

I wouldn't be surprised if it has sth to do with sudo.
When installing Debian using the debian-installer, you have the option to create a root account. If 
you do that, sudo won't be installed/setup. When you don't I guess it does setup sudo (I always 
create root account, so I'm not sure). And afaik it disables the root account.

If I try to do sth that requires superuser/root rights, I get presented a dialog which allows me to 
specify the root password and then the requested action gets performed.
Since you seem to be using sudo, I guess you need to modify the sudoers file (again, not sure since I 
have never used sudo).

I don't know how to fix your issue, but maybe this helps diagnose the issue.

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