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Re: about authentication in kde system setup tool

Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

> Running wheezy
> On a recently installed kde desktop environment, I'm getting confused
> about being prompted when attempting to make certain changes.
> I get a prompt that is about authentication.  A drop down list says 
> `Select user', however my user that I'm logged in as is not there, nor
> is root.  And yet I cannot continue without making a selection.
> I don't understand what is expected of me there.  Surely I would not
> want to select another user to have permission to alter my desktop.
> Here is a sequence:
| >>From main menu/system settings/ Login screen/
| > In the font selector use `choose' button to change font and size/
| > Say `OK' then press `apply', at that point an authentication dialog 
| > pops up:
| >
| > Administrator authorization is 
| > required to change the login
| > Manager settings.
| >
| > An application is attempting to perform an
| > action that requires privileges
| > Authentication is required to perform this
| > action
| >
| > -------        ---------       ---=---       ---------      -------- 
| >
| > Then a dropdown list that says `select user' when I drop the list
| > down none of them are my user, nor root.
| >
| > How is that supposed to work?

Since this thread seems to have died, I'd lick to ask if any experienced
user here can say whether what I described in OP is in fact a bug, or if
it does not happen on their installation.

To summarize:

1) Following the recipe quoted above. (inside the boxquote some 12 to 20
lines above this one.) 

On the dialog described their, the dropdown list only shows other users.
Not me and not root.

Am I completely misunderstanding what this is supposed to do or is it a
small bug and my user and root should be on that list?

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