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Re: Kubuntu Control center for debian

On 18/09/11 18:13, Uwe Brauer wrote:
>>> Regarding Re: Kubuntu Control center for debian; Diggory
>>> Hardy <diggory.hardy@gmail.com> adds: 
>    > Do you mean the control centre of the Kubuntu
>    > extensions? Kubuntu uses the standard "system settings"
>    > application, but adds a few options to it, as far as I
>    > know.
> I am not sure that I understand. When I install debian I see
> the standard KDE control center. 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KControl.png
> When I install Kubuntu however I see a KDE control center
> which looks like a clone of the MacOS control center. So I
> am asking whether it is possible to obtains Kubuntu version
> of the KDE control center in debian.
> Uwe 

You mean in old versions of Kubuntu....

Although KControl is installed by default in Kubuntu, that distribution
uses a non-standard version of it by default, redesigned to resemble the
Mac OS X system settings manager. The "classic" KControl is also
available, however. A ported version of the Kubuntu System Settings
application has also replaced KControl in KDE SC 4. Systemsettings has
been accepted as "an improved user interface for configuring the desktop
and other aspects of the system"

So the answer is, sort of - but it will be a long way from default
Debian stable+ (as Kubuntu is a long way from Debian, despite what the
box says).
I note that Trinity has already been suggested. Your alternative is to
use Lenny, which uses KDE3.5x (so it has KControl).
Either way it's a lot of trouble to go to for reduced funtionality, and

A better way to achieve a similar ends might be to use themes.



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