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Re: kdepim and akonadi

In data sabato 3 settembre 2011 22:46:21, Bart Visscher ha scritto:
> > I second that. Indeed, it's just incredible to me that nowadays most PIM
> > suites don't even plan allowing any syncing with massively spread mobile
> > platforms, other than relying on cloud services!
> > I hope one day I will be able not to manually copy my contacts to and
> > from my devices...
> There is owncloud, you can run it anywhere you like. And it supports
> CardDav and CalDav, so you can sync between devices. It even has a web
> interface for quick remote lookups. See for more information
> http://owncloud.org/ use the development version, the current stable
> version is to old.

Thank you, The main page says the features you mentioned are in development. I 
am really looking forward to having ownCloud in a good shape and included into 
Debian.  Its approach is what I currently like the most, while it may look 
overkill to many.

(Of course there is also Funambol as a SyncML server (+ e.g. Akunambol as a 
KDE client), anyway... nothing in Debian as yet! ;-) )


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