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Re: kdepim and akonadi

In data martedì 23 agosto 2011 10:46:25, BasaBuru ha scritto:
> On Lunes, 22 de Agosto de 2011 23:38:40 Dietz Pröpper escribió:
> > I don't need one of these. Google sync was a nice try, right now I'm
> > writing a Android sync that relies on something simple and not Google
> > based. No, will never go official, just for personal usage for the
> > moment. I only need a means to sync my phone to my desktop. Nothing
> > more. And *no* remote storage.
> When you are publication the android sync? Is very interesting.

I second that. Indeed, it's just incredible to me that nowadays most PIM 
suites don't even plan allowing any syncing with massively spread mobile 
platforms, other than relying on cloud services!
I hope one day I will be able not to manually copy my contacts to and from my 

(This is not a rant towards any group of developers, of course.)


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